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How a Professional Property Manager Looks After Your Nashville, TN Investment Property Tenant

Today we’re talking about the life cycle of a tenant.  We share this from the perspective of a Professional Property Manager, but is useful for all landlords who manage their rental properties as a business.  It starts with the screening process before the applicant even becomes a tenant. At this point, you need to get as much information as possible on that person, and if they choose to lie on their application, that’s an automatic denial. Other reasons for instant denial include (more…)

How to Market Your Home Like a Professional – Nashville Landlord Advice

When I was first licensed as a real estate agent in 1972, a yard sign and newspapers were all you needed to market your rental property. That’s not the case in this age of the Internet. If you’re not on the Internet in a major metropolitan area like ours in Nashville, you’re going to miss the boat.

We utilize our website for much of our online advertising because (more…)

Should I be a Landlord? Nashville, TN Professional Property Management Advice

We often get this question from people in Nashville: should I be a landlord? Whenever I hear this, I like to ask prospective owners if they have the money to operate that property and treat it like a business. They have to ask themselves if they can afford to have the property vacant for three months and replace a water heater. If the owner says no or looks confused, he doesn’t have the money to be a landlord. We don’t want to get a tenant involved in a situation where a landlord does not have the financial resources necessary to keep a property running.

To be a landlord, you need to (more…)

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